DIY Carpet Cleaning Guide

The best way to keep your carpets clean is to limit the amount of dirt that gets into it. However, this is almost impossible to achieve if you have children and pets at home.

If you can’t prevent it, cleaning is the best solution. But don’t just clean it. You need to know how to clean it properly and what cleaning solutions are appropriate because you may end up ruining your carpet using the wrong chemicals. You may even end up voiding your carpet’s warranty if this happens.

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If you want to save on cost and don’t want to call a carpet cleaning company yet, there are excellent ways to do-it-yourself. You can clean your carpet anytime and as much as you want. This is perfectly acceptable. In fact, around 42% of carpet cleaning is done by homeowners themselves.


How to Clean Your Carpets


Stains are the most difficult to clean. Always be on the lookout for berries, chocolate, coffee, wine, etc. especially if you entertain people at home a lot. Once you spot a stain, do your best to immediately remove it from the carpet. Blot the liquid or scrape as much as you can without damaging your carpet fibers. An immediate solution would be hydrogen peroxide because it doesn’t harm the dyes on your carpet.

Shaving cream can also remove most stains. Spray shaving cream directly on the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After that, blot the solution using a piece of white cloth. Finish the process by mixing equal amounts of water and vinegar and spray it on the affected area. Wipe it off with a clean white cloth.


Chewing gum

Scraping off chewing gum from the carpet may just spread the sticky substance even more. Try putting ice cubes on it for about 30 seconds. That should harden the gum. You can then go ahead and scoop it up with a spoon. If there are still some left, use a pair of scissors and cut the ends of the affected carpet fibers. This should not be noticeable.



Candle wax could sometimes drip on the carpet. Remove it by putting a white cloth over the affected area and iron it. This should melt the wax and allow you to scrape it off with a butter knife.

After this, use paper towels over the wax. The wax binds with the paper towel. Do this several times until the wax is completely gone.

Remember to use only white colored towels because colored ones could add more stains to your carpet. Do not also place the iron on the carpet for more than 30 seconds because it could burn it.



Vacuuming the carpet several times should do the trick of removing dirt and grime from the carpet. You can do this on a weekly basis. For dirt that has embedded itself within the inner fibers of the carpet, you may need the help of professional carpet cleaners who have the right cleaning solutions and equipment.